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Kansas City Chiefs lend the Royals a hand

The KC Chiefs helped out their neighbors this spring.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals -- that's baseball, you guys -- are playing in their home opener at Kauffman Stadium this afternoon and that beautiful green grass will be there to make me jealous. It will also make me wonder to Mrs. Arrowhead Pride why our grass can't look like that. You know you're getting old when you say it would be "badass" to have really green grass, which is what I told friends this week.

Anyway, you're probably wondering why the world's most popular Chiefs blog is talking about the Royals and not leaving that to the great Royals Review. The answer is that we have a legitimate Chiefs tie-in to the Royals home opener today.

KSHB reports that the last winter was so bad for the field at Kauffman Stadium that the Royals had to ask their neighbors for extra tarps. Their neighbors, as you know, are the Chiefs.

"We actually had to borrow some of the Chiefs tarps that they use over there on some of their facilities.  We have one for our infield, however, we don't have anything for our sidelines," said Trevor Vance, Royals Director of Groundskeeping.

The Royals needed the extra tarps to use like blankets to warm up the field after it went dormant from this winter's extreme cold.

Glad the Chiefs were able to help. I have re-committed myself as a Royals fan this year and have watched the first two games, both tough losses. Here's to hoping they're competitive late into the season.

Also a Royals fan is one Anthony Sherman, the KC Chiefs fullback. Read a few Royals quotes from Sherman here. Royals player Billy Butler tweeted this out:

Side conversation: In the KSHB piece, the groundskeeper says they cut the grass really low in March to allow the sun to get in there and help it grow. But I thought cutting it that low was not a good thing. Can anyone clarify? Also, if anyone out there is a world class groundskeeper looking to keep busy this summer for little to no pay, please contact me.

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