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KC Chiefs 2014 schedule could've been worse if this happened

The KC Chiefs could've played five of their first seven games on the road, including three straight away from Arrowhead, if this had been the schedule.

Jamie Squire

Today's must-read story on the 2014 NFL schedule is from Peter King of The MMQB, who talked to the actual schedule-makers about the process of creating a 256-game slate. The whole thing is definitely worth a read because this is the type of thing we don't hear about very often. I took a tour of the NFL offices a few years ago and saw the room where they do the schedule ... so it exists!

Anyway, The MMQB piece includes an interesting section on the troubles they had with the Seattle Seahawks schedule. One version of the schedule had the Seahawks playing three straight road games -- St. Louis, Washington and Kansas City -- as well as a road game after a Monday Night game, which the NFL likes to avoid.

One schedule scenario that fixed the Seahawks problem would have created a big Kansas City problem.

North chimed in then. "So it turns into a robbing Peter to pay Paul scenario," he said. "If you want to fix this Seattle problem, who do you want to break in exchange? This was a schedule that we gave serious consideration to-look at this start for Kansas City."

North put a schedule on the monitor in the room with a dreadful opening for Kansas City: five road games in the first seven weeks. "Would we have played a schedule, if everything else was good, with five of Kansas City's first seven on the road, including a three-game road trip-left coast, right coast, left coast?" North said.

Only four of the first seven games are on the road for the Chiefs in the final version of the schedule. A hard early slate, no doubt. But it could have been a lot worse.

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