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The best and worst picks in the top 10 of our 2014 NFL mock draft

The top 10 picks in the Arrowhead Pride 2014 NFL mock draft are in. So let's see the grades.

According to the poll results in the Arrowhead Pride mock draft, the best and worst picks of the top 10 are:

Best pick: Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack to the Bills with the 8th pick

Worst pick: Texas A&M WR Mike Evans to the Falcons with the 6th pick

The mock draft is through the top 10 picks, so let's take a look at how everyone did. Click on the player's name for the full write-up. The approval rating is what you voted on in the poll for each pick.

1. Houston Texans - South Carolina DE / LB Jadeveon Clowney

GM: kuchiefs13
Approval: 73 percent

Love this pick. My favorite one so far and not because it's the No.1 pick. So many people have quarterback here and I'm not convinced the quarterbacks in this class are game changers. Clowney is the best player in the draft in my humble opinion.

2. St. Louis Rams - Auburn OT Greg Robinson

GM: chiefsman7588
Approval: 57 percent

You guys know me by now. I'm not going to complain about an offensive tackle going high in the draft. And I won't be angry if the Chiefs do the same at No. 23. I love me some offensive line (which makes me a really sad draftnik).

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater

GM: Steve the Hedge
Approval: 55 percent

It's starting to sound like Bridgewater is going to slide in the first round. Some are saying into the second round. This could be high ... but it only takes one team.

4. Cleveland Browns - Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel

GM: NigerianNightmare
Approval: 61 percent

Good pick. They need a quarterback and there's no guarantee there will be another one at No. 26 when they pick the second time in the first round. Pull the trigger now.

5. Oakland Raiders - Clemson WR Sammy Watkins

GM: seein'red
Approval: 77 percent

So this would concern me because Watkins looks like a star. But who is throwing him the ball? Matt Schaub. OK.

6. Atlanta Falcons - Texas A&M WR Mike Evans

GM: Chieftruelove
Approval: 21 percent

I'm a huge Mike Evans fan but I'm not sure this is the biggest need with Julio Jones and Roddy White in house.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - North Carolina TE Eric Ebron

GM: kswanson
Approval: 44 percent

Some might say too high but there's top 10 buzz around Ebron. I would've loved to see Evans go here and pair him with Vincent Jackson. Ebron will be really good.

8. Minnesota Vikings - Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack

GM: kcsno56
Approval: 78 percent

This is a great pick that more than likely won't be there at No. 8. kcsno56 recognized that in his write-up. I could see him going top five.

9. Buffalo Bills - Central Florida QB Blake Bortles

GM: Aesthetist
Approval: 31 percent

Our first and only "wow" pick in this round. The Bills took EJ Manuel in the first round last year. What's the reaction if they take another one? You just don't see that very often.

10. Detroit Lions - Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert

GM: TYChief89
Approval: 76 percent

Playing Aaron Rodgers twice a year? Good pick.

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