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Should the Chiefs take Teddy Bridgewater if he falls to No. 23?

If Teddy Bridgewater falls to the Kansas City Chiefs 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, should they take him?

We ran a poll last month asking our readers if the Kansas City Chiefs would take QB Johnny Manziel if he fell to the 23rd pick and the results were surprising (to me at least). 56 percent of voters said they would NOT take Johnny Football at No. 23, which means just 44 percent said they would.

We have a request from 610 Sports Carrington Harrison to do another one of these polls for a different quarterback.

Let's start with Teddy Bridgewater, the Louisville quarterback who has been mocked anywhere from the first overall pick to the end of the first round. I haven't spent much time looking at Bridgewater because he probably won't be there for the Chiefs, although him slipping is a possibility, as slim as it might be.

So that means I need your help. Should the Chiefs take him if he falls? Please vote!

Update: Maybe the possibility isn't so slim...

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