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What the Royals schedule can predict for the Chiefs schedule

Will the Kansas City Chiefs start the season at home? Sometimes the Kansas City Royals schedule can offer some clues.

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The 2014 NFL schedule isn't coming out this week but most still think it will come out sometime in April or before the 2014 NFL Draft, which it usually does.

Since the Chiefs and Royals share a parking lot at their respective stadiums in Kansas City, they usually don't play on the same day (save the longest day ever in 2010). The Royals play on each of the first four Sundays in the NFL, each an early afternoon game.

IF the Chiefs and Royals don't play in the same city on the same day, then this is what the Chiefs early Sunday schedule would look like:

Week 1: Home
Week 2: Away
Week 3: Away
Week 4: Home

(Week 5: Royals in the

There's also the possibility that the Chiefs will be playing on Monday or Thursday night at Arrowhead early in the season (please, NFL schedule makers, please). On Monday nights, Week 1, 3 and 4 are open. On Thursday nights, Week 3 and 4 are open.

There's also a race at Kansas Speedway on October 5. Does that affect it? (Filed under things I should have looked up but right now I gotta take Sheldog to the vet to get his bandage taken off, that damn dog).


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