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NFL Draft 2014: Would you rather have a 1st or a 2nd and a 3rd?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I was listening to Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison discuss Sam Mellinger's idea of trading Eric Berry on the radio the other day. Sam mentioned in his article that through his conversations with NFL folks he thinks the Chiefs could get a second and third round pick for Berry. He also mentioned that one scout thought a first round pick was possible.

Let's make this into a hypothetical:

Would you rather have a first round pick or a second and third round pick?

Ignore that Berry is the player for a few minutes. Let's say the first round pick is No. 20 and the second and third round picks are the corresponding No. 20 picks in those rounds. The draft trade value chart is out-dated but it gives the 20th pick a value of 850 points and the corresponding second and third round picks a combined value of 550 points.

For me, I'm thinking long and hard about taking that second and third round pick instead of the first round pick, especially in this draft. Before anonymous scouts and GMs started crapping on the prospects this week, the 2014 NFL Draft was considered to be a very strong one. The Chiefs are probably not one player away, but instead several players away from being an annual contender.

If it was a top 10 pick, you gotta take the first round pick because you have the shot at getting an elite player (or a player with the strongest likelihood of becoming elite). In this scenario, I might be leaning towards the second and third round pick.


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