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Story lines for the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 preseason schedule

Writing about story lines for the KC Chiefs 2014 preseason schedule is ... pretty sad.

Jamie Squire

Week 1: Cincinnati Bengals (Aug. 7-10)

2013 record: 11-5
Last game: Chiefs lost, 28-6 (11/18/12)

The Bengals are in football purgatory with their quarterback. Andy Dalton probably isn't good enough to put you among the AFC's elite competing for a Super Bowl year in and year out. But he's also good enough that you're not just going to dump him. So the Bengals have to consider giving him a contract extension. Some might say the Chiefs are in a similar position.

Also of note in this game is AJ Green. Chiefs fans want an elite receiver. This season, that would be Sammy Watkins or maybe even Mike Evans. Green is one of the best young receivers in the NFL. Imagine the Chiefs offense with him.

Week 2: at Carolina Panthers (Aug. 17)

2013 record: 12-4
Last game: Chiefs won, 27-21 (12/2/12)

MNChiefsfan caused a stir when he ranked Alex Smith ahead of Cam Newton in his quarterback rankings. I disagree with that ranking but seeing Newton playing Smith would be fun. (Can it really be fun if it's preseason?)

The other part of this I want to see is the Panthers defense against the Chiefs offense. Carolina had one of the best defenses in the league last season. That will be a good test for the Chiefs offense.

The Chiefs were said to be interested in Jason Avant, who signed with the Panthers. They also reportedly has interest in Antoine Cason, who signed with the Panthers.

Week 3: Minnesota Vikings (Aug. 21-24)

2013 record: 5-10-1
Last game: Chiefs won, 22-17 (10/2/11)

Ah, the return of Matt Cassel to Arrowhead. Should be a nice reception from the REAL FANS. This is also the third preseason game where teams usually play their starters longer.

Week 4: at Green Bay Packers (Aug. 28)

2013 record: 8-7-1
Last game: Chiefs won, 19-14 (12/18/11)

A game full of John Dorsey connections. Dorsey, the Chiefs GM, came from the Packers as you know. Now that I think about it, there aren't a ton of Chiefs-Packers connections outside of Dorsey. He didn't bring over a ton of Packers players.

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