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Here's a Jermichael Finley / Kansas City Chiefs rumor

The Kansas City Chiefs are among a handful of teams who have reportedly shown interest in free agent TE Jermichael Finley.

Matthew Stockman

Here's a Kansas City Chiefs rumor. The Chiefs are reportedly interested in Packers free agent Jermichael Finley, according to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe.

Hmm. Sounds like a report that will boost the market for Finley (or try to boost). The market opens on Tuesday when Finley will officially become a free agent.

It's easy to connect Finley to the Chiefs -- the John Dorsey connection -- but we have no idea what that interest means. I'm not even sure it adds up, to be honest with you. If the Chiefs are hoping 2013 third round pick Travis Kelce comes back fully from his injury, there's not a need for Finley. Seems like that's the role Kelce will play if healthy while Anthony Fasano is the No. 1 and Sean McGrath acts as a reserve.

Finley is just 27 years old and has had some good seasons as a tight end. There will be other teams interested in him. If I'm the Chiefs, I'd be interested in a one-year prove-it contract but hesitant to commit longer than that. That Finley isn't medically cleared now, four days before free agency, would be concerning to me if I were calling the shots. I'd need some reassurance there. It would also concern me the Packers aren't re-signing him.

The Chiefs need to continue to find ways to add a threat over the middle of the field so I get the connection to Finley.

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