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Marriage advice for Chiefs G Geoff Schwartz

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs guard Geoff Schwartz wrote on Twitter earlier that he's getting married on Saturday night. So I need everyone to provide one piece of marriage advice for Schwartz.

Here's mine: When in doubt, give up.

She wants to buy some stupid rug even though it's $200? Or worse, a lamp for $300? Just give up. Don't fight it.

Win if you can, lose if you must, but always give up in a fight.

In a fight because she thinks chicken wings three times in one week is "too much" and "unhealthy" (her words, not mine, you sweet, sweet chicken wings)? Don't fight it.

She hears you on the radio refer to the cost of delivering flowers to work as "highway robbery" even though, well, it is? Deliver the damn flowers yourself, Geoff.

She thinks you "over do it" on Boulevard Wheats? You gotta draw the line someplace.

Whew. I feel like you guys really got a peek into my soul here.

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