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Saints' Jimmy Graham not worth two 1st round picks, but which players are?

How many players in the NFL are worth two first round picks?

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The New Orleans Saints franchise tagged tight end Jimmy Graham. He's one of the best in football at his position (wait, which position) and he's been playing on his third round rookie deal for the last four seasons. He's a darn good value. The franchise tag means another team could come in and give up two first round picks to the Saints for the rights to Graham. And a new contract, of course, which will be massive.

Graham is not worth two first round picks. He's just not. There's no way you'd get the necessary value back on a move like that.

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But which players ARE worth two first round picks? I had this discussion with Danny Parkins on 610 Sports this week.

These three are worth it: Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Drew Brees is a little older but talent-wise he is worth it. Peyton Manning, playing at this level, would be very, very intriguing even if he was playing for just another two years. Maybe that's a poll for another day.

Cam Newton? I'd probably do it.

Calvin Johnson? This is a tough one for me. I would strongly consider it because he is a monster.

Tom Brady? Probably too old at this point if I'm giving up two first round picks. I also wonder if his talent translates as well as Peyton's.

JJ Watt? Best young defensive player in the game. But I'm not sure he's worth it.

So, how many players in the NFL would you trade two first round picks for?

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