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NFL Draft 2014: Tough to find potential trading partners for Kansas City Chiefs

In what's being hailed as one of the deepest drafts in years, are there any potential trading partners for the Kansas City Chiefs to move back?

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We wrote last week that the problem with the Kansas City Chiefs trading back to acquire more picks in the 2014 NFL Draft is that most other teams are likely wanting to do the same in what has been tabbed by one GM as the deepest draft in 30 years.

That said, I've been looking at teams who could potentially trade up with the Chiefs in this year's draft. You can dream, right?

It's difficult finding any likely trade partners. The Browns stick out as a team who has the ammo to move up. They own the 26th pick, three behind the Chiefs, and the 35th overall pick (in addition to the fourth overall pick, of course). Perhaps the Browns would want to trade up to the Chiefs spot to secure QB Derek Carr, who dropped to the Browns 26th pick in SB Nation's latest mock draft.

The problem with that is isn't really anyone around the Chiefs who would potentially pick up a quarterback. The Bengals own the 24th pick behind the Chiefs but I don't think they're a serious threat to take a quarterback. Behind them is the Chargers. Why wouldn't the Browns just wait?

As for the compensation in a deal like that, remember the Chiefs went from the 21st pick to the 27th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft (the Jon Baldwin / Justin Houston draft) and picked up an extra third round pick. Probably wouldn't be any better than that.

There are other teams who could trade up. Maybe there's a run on receivers and someone wants to pluck one up. (Which would ignore the Chiefs own need at receiver.) Or maybe one of the top handful of offensive tackles falls to a tackle-needy team.

There are scenarios where a team may want to move up but, again, this is being hailed as a deep draft so it stands to reason that many teams would be content with staying where they're at.

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