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Tyson Jackson, Kansas City Chiefs are talking as free agency nears

The Kansas City Chiefs are talking with Tyson Jackson and his reps about returning to Kansas City. Jackson is scheduled to become a free agent on March 11.

Tom Szczerbowski Getty Images Sport

Will Tyson Jackson be back with the Kansas City Chiefs next season? It appears it's at least a possibility.

Jackson, the Chiefs 2009 third overall pick, tells Alex Marvez and The Godfather Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio that his reps are talking with the Chiefs and he expects those free agent talks to pick up soon.

"As of right now," Jackson said on Monday evening, "we just started to get into talks with the Kansas City Chiefs. We haven't really started to get into hardball negotiations yet but we've just been talking. I can see things picking up in the next week or two. We should be staying close to the phone because things are starting to pick up on both sides, for me and the Chiefs."

Listen to a clip here:

Free agency starts on March 11, eight days from this posting.

Interesting. Very interesting. I didn't know if the Chiefs preferred to sign him before free agency, let the market decide his price or not pursue him at all. That the two sides are talking shows us the Chiefs want him on some level. Last year Jackson took a significant pay cut to remain with the Chiefs.

I'm not sure what kind of money they're talking about but Jackson's deal last year paid him a little more than $4 million.

Gil Brandt had some advice for Jackson that Chiefs fans would enjoy: "Don't let a few dollars get in the way of staying where you're at."

The takeaway from all this is that the two sides are talking. The Chiefs need for a defensive end (and those Stephon Tuitt mock draft picks) could be wiped away by signing Jackson. This is one to keep an eye on as March 11 gets closer.

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