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What would you trade the Eagles for DeSean Jackson?

IF the Eagles made DeSean Jackson available in a trade, and IF the Chiefs were interested, what would you give up for him?

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Anyone up for a hypothetical on this Monday morning? Let me tell you what you missed this weekend.

The Eagles last weekend signed Riley Cooper to a five-year contract. The Eagles also tried to sign Jeremy Maclin to a five-year contract, but Maclin decided to bet on himself and take just a one-year deal. Jimmy Kempski over at connected some dots to suggest that other drama and the Cooper and Maclin signings could signal a possible DeSean Jackson trade. Read his case right here, where he points out that the Dolphins are the only team who pay more to their receivers than the Eagles. And the last time we heard from DeSean he was suggesting he could use a new deal (he signed a five-year, $47 million deal in 2012).

This is all just speculation. There's no on- or off-the-record source suggesting it's coming and ESPN isn't blaring this on all their platforms (yet) so this is all just dot-connecting. (Despite that, you're still going to see some people claiming the Eagles are actively shopping him and the Chiefs are actively involved because that's just the way it works these days.)

When I read Jimmy's article, I couldn't help but spend the next hour thinking about what it would be like if the Chiefs traded for DeSean Jackson. He's so fast. He can stretch the field vertically. He could replace Dexter McCluster in the return game. Outside of Jamaal Charles, it felt like the Chiefs lacked playmakers last year. DeSean Jackson is a playmaker.

Andy Reid drafted Jackson in the second round. And he was pretty good with Reid. So you'd think that Andy Reid likes him.

The questions would be how much he would cost. First round pick? Second round pick? The Chiefs are without a second round pick so that limits what they can do.

What also limits what they can do is their cap space. Jackson, who is 27 years old, is due over $10 million next season. The Chiefs have over $8 million in cap space but need space to sign some of their own free agents as well as their 2014 draft class. They would need to create room on the payroll for him.

Also notable is that while the Eagles are second in the NFL in cap dollars committed to their receivers, the Chiefs are fourth. Adding another big contract on top of Dwayne Bowe's five-year, $56 million deal would be tough to do.

Knowing all that, what's your move? Do you offer something up to the Eagles for DeSean Jackson?

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