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NFL rule change proposal to challenge all plays voted down; Andy Reid's thoughts

A proposal to make all plays challengeable has been voted down, which likely pleases Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

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Votes are taking place at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Florida this week on proposed rule changes. Among those votes was one from the New England Patriots which would allow coaches to challenge any official's decision, effectively broadening the scope of challengeable plays. That proposal was voted down, with competition committee member Jeff Fisher saying the support for that was less than 50 percent among the coaches.

That it was voted down is likely welcome news to Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who didn't seem too thrilled about the idea of the challenge proposal.

"I think there are probably pluses and minuses to everything," Reid said on Tuesday from the NFL meetings, via quotes from the Chiefs. "It's pretty cut and dry right now on what you can do and what you can't do. I know there was a general philosophy when replay was put in on trying to keep the subjective things out of the picture to make it as cut and dry as you possibly could. I guess it's mushrooming out from there. I could see either way. I like keeping it tight, but that's alright, that's how it works."

Reid continued with what a rule change would mean.

"There would have to be a change in the procedure. You could say everything's challengeable. That's OK. That's pretty easy. But it opens up quite a little bit of subjectivity in there."

Reid's history with challenges (or lack thereof) is ... interesting. He's got a reputation for some of the struggles he's had with challenges so I'm not surprised he doesn't want more of them.

Find information on more of the rule changes that did and didn't pass here.

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