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NFL Draft 2014: Georgia QB Aaron Murray draws interest from Chiefs, others

Will the Kansas City Chiefs select a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft? They're keeping an eye on at least one of them.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with the agent for Georgia QB Aaron Murray, who said the KC Chiefs are among 12 teams who have been showing interest in Murray. No, I don't know what "showing interest" means either.

Murray played for four years at Georgia, which is a great thing for those evaluating him. That means there is lots and lots of tape on him over the years, including how he progressed each year.

There are two notable downsides. First, he's just 6'1, which isn't a deal-breaker but is smaller than most of the other quarterbacks, who are 6'4 and above. Second, he tore his ACL last season. He wasn't able to participate in the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine because of that.

Georgia's pro day is April 16, which Murray will participate in.

"In an ideal world, he's not coming off an ACL," [agent Pat] Dye said. "In an ideal world, he's 6-foot-4. But he's not. We'll just make the best of that. His height and his ACL are a little bit of a detriment to his draft status, but, all in all, I don't expect much of draft fallout from the ACL. I just think there is a positive bounce from his production, performance and his intangibles. I think ultimately, he'll end up going about where he would have gone had he not got hurt."

Murray is being talked about as a mid-round pick now but he could easily go higher. Because he's thrown for 300-plus passes each year for the last four years, you should feel pretty comfortable with him.

Murray is the type of quarterback the Chiefs should be checking out. Alex Smith is clearly the starter. Competition for Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray, who were both picked up last year, should be coming every season. Murray should be healed up by next season so maybe he's the competition. Various scouting reports have him pegged as a mid-round pick.

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