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NFL rule change proposals include moving PAT to the 25-yard line

The NFL competition committee recently talked about a number of rule changes and by law proposals, which will be voted on at the upcoming NFL owners meetings. They're not expanding the playoffs, yet but there are a few interesting proposals.

The biggest one would be moving the PAT to the 25-yard line. This is just a proposal, not a rule change but it's a fascinating idea. The PAT is currently about 99 percent successful, which is why people want to make it more challenging. The thinking being that if football were invented today, they probably wouldn't include a play that was 99 percent successful. It's been said that the league could consider having a preseason game with the PAT at the 25-yard line, which I would support in order to learn a little more about it.

Almost all of these makes sense on some level but I don't agree with them all. The Redskins and Patriots proposed the first few while the competition committee is responsible for the rest.

These are NOT official changes ... just proposals to vote on.

What do you think?


Move kickoffs to 40-yard line (proposed by Redskins)

Make personal foul penalties reviewable (Redskins)

No overtime in preseason games (Redskins)

Extend goalposts five feet higher (Patriots)

Move PAT line of scrimmage to 25-yard line (Patriots)

Add cameras to goal lines to assist with instant replay (Patriots)

Allow any referee's decision to be reviewable (Patriots)

Include blocks from the side in "roll-up" block personal foul penalties (proposed by Committee)

Allow replay communications between officials to include league representative at league office (Committee)

Make the recovery of a loose ball a reviewable play and reorganize the replay section of the rules (Committee)

Allow clock to run when quarterback is sacked at all times (Committee)

Remove one-yard interference zone and enforce pass interference anywhere beyond line of scrimmage (Committee)

Simplify penalty yardage enforcement on certain plays including change of possession (Committee)

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