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Breaking down the NFL Draft history of Andy Reid and John Dorsey

There has been plenty of talk about the drafting habits of Reid and where we believe Dorsey will be leaning come May. Let's dig a bit deeper.

We have heard throughout the last couple of offseasons about general manager John Dorsey's will to build through the NFL draft.

Dorsey, a first-time GM with the Chiefs, had a draft in 2013 that is tough to grade thus far. Eric Fisher was the first overall pick and had mixed results. Others like Sanders Commings and Travis Kelce never saw playing time, missing most or all of the season with injury.

While Dorsey didn't make the final call with the Green Bay Packers during his tenure there, the decisions made by Ted Thompson and others certainly impacted his view of the league. As for Andy Reid, he had a major hand in all personnel decisions made by the Philadelphia Eagles since being hired in 1999.

Reid is constantly talked about as a man who loves to draft the big bodies in the first round. Is that a myth or more of a hard, fast rule? Below are tables breaking down the picks by Reid and the Packers from 1999-2012:

Year Round Pick # Position Player
1999 1 2 QB Donovan McNabb
2000 1 6 DT Corey Simon
2001 1 25 WR Freddie Mitchell
2002 1 26 CB Lito Sheppard
2003 1 15 DE Jerome McDougle
2004 1 16 OT Shawn Andrews
2005 1 31 DT Mike Patterson
2006 1 14 DT Brodrick Bunkley
2007 2 36 QB Kevin Kolb
2008 2 47 DT Trevor Laws
2009 1 19 WR Jeremy Maclin
2010 1 13 DE Brandon Graham
2011 1 22 OG Danny Watkins
2012 1 12 DT Fletcher Cox

Alright, some observations:

  • Of the 14 years, Reid's top pick was a defensive lineman seven times. However, the Chiefs have Dontari Poe, Mike DeVito and Vance Walker, which means Reid can go in a different direction for the next few seasons at least. Good thing, because his record taking them is spotty.
  • Reid likes athletes. Looking back at those picks, almost all of them are guys who were looked at as athletes and not bruisers for their positions coming out.

Now, onto the Packers and John Dorsey:

Year Round Pick Position Player
1999 1 25 S Antuan Edwards
2000 1 14 TE Bubba Franks
2001 1 10 DE Jamal Reynolds
2002 1 20 WR Javon Walker
2003 1 29 LB Nick Barnett
2004 1 25 CB Ahmad Carroll
2005 1 24 QB Aaron Rodgers
2006 1 5 LB A.J. Hawk
2007 1 16 DT Justin Harrell
2008 2 36 WR Jordy Nelson
2009 1 9 NT B.J. Raji
2010 1 26 LB Clay Matthews
2011 1 23 OT Bryan Bulaga
2012 1 32 OT Derek Sherrod

A few more observations:

  • We can only hope Dorsey brings the Packers' drafting success to Kansas City. Between Matthews, Rodgers, Nelson, Hawk and Raji, they did OK.
  • Green Bay cleared valued playmakers. The Packers took only five linemen in those 14 years with their first pick. Before Bulaga and Sherrod, Green Bay only took three in the previous 12.

Which style of drafting will be for the Chiefs? Considering Dorsey has final say, you would have to lean towards the Packers way of picking players. Then again, it could be a combination.

What say you? Discuss below.

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