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Chiefs GM talks about the options at free safety, including Sanders Commings

What will the Kansas City Chiefs do at free safety? GM John Dorsey was asked that question.

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Among the questions many people wanted to hear asked of Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey on his media conference call Tuesday is what the team's plan for free safety is. The Chiefs were briefly linked to free agent safety Antoine Bethea, who ultimately signed with the San Francisco 49ers. But other than that ... nothin'.

The Chiefs have a hole at that position after Kendrick Lewis hit free agency. Husain Abdullah is back but we really don't know much at all beyond that. Seems like a really big hole, right?

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With the Chiefs making no free agency moves to address that position, is it possible they already have their answer in-house? Dorsey said on Tuesday he could envision Sanders Commings and Husain Abdullah, among others, potentially filling the role.

"One of the reasons we drafted Sanders Commings is because we thought he fit that positional skill," Dorsey said. "I can see Husain and those guys competing, and there are some players within this draft that can help you contribute as well."

This didn't get us any closer to answering the question of who the Chiefs free safety will be next season -- Dorsey could be negotiating with a veteran safety right now for all I know -- but it is a good reminder that Commings is on the team and a potential option at safety next season.

Commings participated in offseason workouts last year after the Chiefs made him a fifth round pick out of Georgia. But he got hurt in the first days of training camp, which led to him being shut down for most of the season (besides a few brief snaps he returned late in the season).

The problem is that he is a complete unknown ... at least to us. There's only so much you can learn in offseason workouts. The Chiefs had him all year so they have a better idea of what to expect than you or I do. That's why it's interesting to see them do very little at the safety position in free agency. Are they waiting on someone or is it possible that person is already in-house?

"One of the reasons we drafted Sanders Commings is because we thought he fit that positional skill." -John Dorsey

As for the draft, the Chiefs offseason moves -- or lack thereof, if you will -- to this point suggest high draft picks are possible at offensive line, receiver and safety (truthfully, we have no idea though). Maybe the Chiefs do let Commings have a run at it but I'd guess they would like some insurance, whether that's in the form of a veteran or another draft pick. Hard to see them not adding someone else there. The Chiefs not only have the draft to come, but also the wave of cuts before the season.

Give Commings a look in training camp and then make a move based on that. Would you buy into that right now?

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