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Chiefs GM John Dorsey says NFL draft is deep with WRs and 'anything can happen' in free agency

KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey had a few interesting quotes involving a certain Broncos WR as well as the 2014 NFL Draft.

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KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke with the media for a few minutes today and one of the first things he was asked about was the Emmanuel Sanders situation, which everyone knows about by now. To catch up, here's the initial article on it and here's the rebuttal from Sanders and his agent.

Here's what Dorsey said on our call when asked about happened with Sanders:

"I don't know about all that. During the free agency stuff, anything can happen. You know what, I was interested in the player and then at the end of the day the player and the agent decided to go to Denver. It's kind of like the Vance Walker deal, that deal was put to bed and you don't look in the rearview mirror. We have to move forward and build this organization. That's kinda where we are with this. I'm moving forward to the next project."

During the free agency stuff, anything can happen. -John Dorsey

I said earlier I'm over the Sanders thing so I'm just using this to springboard into another interesting quote from Dorsey. Following up the Sanders question, Dorsey was asked about receivers now that they missed out on him.

"This is just really the mid part of the second week of free agency," Dorsey said. "There's still players out there. I think this draft is deep in terms of wide receivers with skills. We always talk about, we're going go to turn over every rock possible as we move forward here. That's part of the process right now."

Just so you know, Dorsey has said before that this draft is deep with receivers. Other people say that, too, but I'm always analyzing the words of a GM around free agency and draft time. I find this interesting.

More coming soon...

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