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Emmanuel Sanders creates new enemies in Kansas City

The story behind Emmanuel Sanders spurning the Chiefs and signing with the Broncos.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Emmanuel Sanders has a new enemy. The former Pittsburgh Steelers WR was in Kansas City on Friday and Saturday visiting the Chiefs. At one point, he agreed to a 1-year deal with the Chiefs. But now he is signing with the Denver Broncos.

The story, according to NFL Network ...

Agent Steve Weinberg, on behalf of the receiver, accepted a deal with the Chiefs in principle, according to one team source. Weinberg then engaged in negotiations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to another source involved in the process.

While shopping the Chiefs offer to the Bucs, Weinberg never explained that he had already accepted the terms of Kansas City's offer. Later in the night, Sanders' agent had agreed to terms with the Broncos, which is where he is currently headed. Sanders and Weinberg also rankled the 49ers by agreeing to visit, then blowing it off.

Make sure you read the whole story to see team executives saying bad things about this agent.

I'm sure shit goes down in negotiations often but this seems shady (acknowledging we're only hearing one side of the story and I've never been in one of these negotiations).

You know the reason you don't do something like this? Because you still have to deal with all 32 teams! When the Broncos are in cap hell and they cut Sanders next year, you know who is not going to negotiate with them? Correct. Also, having the national media crap all over you is not a very good tool for recruiting new players next year.

Not that agents are supposed to like each other but there's some venom there from others.

The Patriots went through a thing with agent Tom Condon. They had a deal with Benjamin Watson and his agent Condon go bad in 2004 and Bill Belichick refused to sign Condon players for years. This stuff happens and it's ugly.

The NFL is a small world. Word gets around. That's the reason you act in good faith.

So Sanders has this negotiating flop and then he signs with the Broncos? Kansas City has a new enemy.

Also, it appears the Broncos didn't know what was going on when they agreed with Sanders.

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