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Kansas City Chiefs QB coach says they have more film for 2014 preparation

The KC Chiefs have a year under their belt in Andy Reid's offense, which should make preparation in the 2014 offseason easier.

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Kansas City Chiefs QB coach Matt Nagy spoke with the Chiefs website recently and made a good point about this offseason vs. last that I hadn't thought of.

"The good thing for us is the fact now that we have video," Nagy said. "Before when we came here a lot of us offensively were using film from Philadelphia trying to show and to teach our offense to our quarterbacks and Alex in particular. Now we have a full year of Kansas City Chiefs plays and it's nice to be able to go back and teach off of that."

Makes sense. You'd think with so many players having experience in the offense now that it's easier to teach everyone the ins and outs. Alex Smith was healthy all last season but at some point you know he's going to get hurt and miss a game or multiple games.

"You have Chase who comes in having learned from Drew Brees in New Orleans the last several years and has come in and understands where he's at and where he fits onto the team," Nagy said. "He has a great relationship with Alex."

"Then you have Tyler come in, a younger guy with not as much experience. He gets to see how you handle yourself as a professional. The little things not so much on the field but on Monday and Tuesday when no one's watching. What does it take to be a great quarterback."

That third quarterback could be of interest this offseason. Some have wondered if the Chiefs will bring in competition for Bray, or whether Bray is ready to push Chase Daniel for the No. 2 job.

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