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$4 million per year for Geoff Schwartz: Should the Chiefs have done it?

The Chiefs let Geoff Schwartz slip off to free agency where he signed a 4-year, $16.8 million deal with the Giants. If you were John Dorsey, would you have done this deal?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Among the (many) free agents the Kansas City Chiefs lost in the first two hours of free agency was guard Geoff Schwartz. He was one of the most popular Chiefs free agents and one many Chiefs fans were hoping they could keep.

Of course, with limited cap space the Chiefs had to draw the line someplace.

According to Yahoo! Sports, who is reporting the terms of Schwartz's deal with the Giants, the line was somewhere below the 4-year, $16.8 million deal that Schwartz received from New York. Citing Schwartz's agent, the report states $6.2 million is guaranteed. The Chiefs had around a reported $9 million in cap space to start the day.

My question for you is simple. If you were John Dorsey, would you have done this deal?

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