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Kansas City Chiefs assistant head coach sees the progress

The Kansas City Chiefs got better offensively as the season went on. KC Chiefs WR coach and assistant head coach David Culley talked about that progress.

Rob Carr

You don't hear from the Kansas City Chiefs assistant coaches very often but the signing of Dexter McCluster with the Titans got Chiefs WRs coach and assistant head coach David Culley on a Nashville radio station. Culley went on 104.5 The Zone to talk about McCluster and what he can bring to the Titans.

He also spent a few minutes talking about the Chiefs and what they did last year. No breaking news but noteworthy nonetheless...

"Obviously the year before [the new coaching staff came in] they had a bunch of guys who were on the All-Pro team on defense so you knew there were some players here that had been production," Culley said.

"Offensively, once we signed Alex Smith in the offseason and got him as our quarterback, you knew we had a chance. Obviously, with what happened in his first year here with Alex, there were people around him. And we have a very special running back in Jamaal Charles and a very good wideout in Dwayne Bowe. There were some people around him.

"Once we got the feel of the offense as the second half of the season stated, you could start to see things come together. Alex is a heckuva a guy running your offense and he did a great job with us."

The Chiefs DID get better offensively ... but they also four starters and five starting-caliber players overall in free agency. Tough pill to swallow.

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