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Kansas City Chiefs free agency: 6 things to know after day one

The Kansas City Chiefs are through the first day of free agency. Click here for a recap of the moves the Chiefs made. Read on for my reactions to the Chiefs first day in free agency, as they lost five and signed one.

Rob Carr
1. The Chiefs did little in free agency because they have no money

People are upset that the Chiefs have done little in free agency. I can't blame you, especially in a time when free agency has become it's own sport (the size of hockey, basically) and everyone you know has a team and their team is signing players.

The reason the Chiefs did little on day one is simple: M-O-N-E-Y.

I'm not saying the decisions the Chiefs have made are right or wrong but the reason they are not trying to sign top flight free agents right now is because they don't have the money to do so. The Chiefs had $9 million in cap space -- beforeHusain Abdullah's deal on Tuesday -- with rookies and other free agents along the way still to come. There could also be new contracts for certain veteran players. $9 million just isn't enough money to be big players in free agency.

It's possible to start restructuring contracts and attracting a top free agent -- MNChiefsfan did that here with Jairus Byrd -- but you're just pushing that money into the future. It's going to hit the Chiefs cap at some point. I agree that it sucks ... but it's just the way it is.

The Chiefs are very similar to you in college, when Ramen noodles were, you know, not such a bad deal. In fact...

2. The Chiefs are kinda like my first couple years in college

Really broke.

  • Never pay for your own laundry. Do it at your parents or a friends.
  • Eat lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sometimes just the peanut butter.
  • Lots of 99 cent Kraft Mac n' Cheese. (And still to this day, if Mrs. Arrowhead Pride doesn't catch you eating "unhealthy")
  • Don't buy the book until you know you actually need it.
  • Buy Natty Light.
  • And Silver Wolf. If you have an extra $9 for a handle of vodka.
3. Day one of free agency last year vs. day one this year

On the first day of free agency last year, the Chiefs signed Anthony Fasano, Chase Daniel and Mike DeVito, all multi-year deals. We were talking about the Chiefs losing notable players Glenn Dorsey and Ropati Pitoitua (who you've probably forgotten all about now).

On the first day of free agency this year, the Chiefs lost five starting-caliber players to over $100 million in contracts. But they did bring back Husain Abdullah!

To sum it up, last year the Chiefs spent $35 million on contracts day one and this year they lost over $100 million in contracts.

4. The Chiefs could be involved in the second wave of free agency

The first wave is the big money. Your Branden Alberts and Tyson Jacksons ($25 million!!) of the world.

The second wave is where the Chiefs could find value that's better suited for them. The bargain shoppers if you will. Last year, for example, the Chiefs signed Geoff Schwartz a few days into free agency. He ended up working out pretty well for a season. Akeem Jordan was signed to a 1-year deal in April. Quintin Demps was signed in May. These are all players who started or had regular roles with the Chiefs and they were all second wave free agency guys.

5. Two very different free agencies for John Dorsey

Last year John Dorsey comes to the Chiefs and everyone said that he's from Green Bay, where they do the draft right and rarely become big players in free agency. Two months after being hired, Dorsey signs outside free agents Mike DeVito, Dunta Robinson, Sean Smith and Donnie Avery to multi-year deals. Not exactly the quiet free agency we expected.

The Chiefs back then were supposed to be quiet in free agency like they have been this year, signing only Husain Abdullah on day one. But that's only half of it. Saying away from the "stupid money" in free agency is good advice ...  if you're drafting, developing and retaining your own players. The Chiefs lost five potential starters on the first day of free agency. That can't happen over the years.

These are two things in the last two years that seem to have gone against the type of free agency philosophy we thought we would be seeing with this regime. Although I should remember that it's still early this year ... and there are reasons they did what they did last year and this year.

6. What would you do differently?

The Chiefs could've had more cap space to spend this year if they didn't use it on players signed or re-signed in free agency last year.

Which contracts would you reconsider? Dwayne Bowe's 5-year deal? Anthony Fasano? Donnie Avery?

It's easy to make these decisions in hindsight but this one is tough for me. I don't know what I would re-do.

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