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Should Kansas City Chiefs draft a QB? Ron Jaworski thinks so

We're coming up on NFL Draft season in Kansas City, which means we must talk about the Chiefs and quarterbacks.


Not only does ESPN's Ron Jaworski think the Kansas City Chiefs could be selecting a quarterback somewhere in the 2014 NFL Draft, he thinks they could it in the early rounds. The Chiefs don't have a second round pick so the options are limited early in the draft.

Jaworski and other ESPN folks answered the top 50 questions entering the offseason, one of which was whether the Chiefs should draft a quarterback to succeed Alex Smith. Here's what Jaws said:

I'm not so sure they won't look at adding a QB in the early rounds. Smith does some outstanding things, but he's a stopgap guy. As much as he helped the Chiefs and as well as he's played lately, I don't look at him as a franchise guy. Smith did a good job calming it down after a season of turmoil in Kansas City in 2012, but I think, at end of day, the Chiefs need to look down the road.

None of this is too controversial. Either you think Alex Smith is the guy or you don't. Just like there's nothing wrong with throwing your support behind Smith, there's nothing wrong with thinking he isn't the guy. There's no unanimous decision here either way.

A few things pop out at me here.

First, I keep going back to the investment the Chiefs made in Smith. Two second round picks screams that this is going to be your quarterback for the foreseeable future. And Smith may get a new deal on top that, which would tell us even more about how the team feels about him.

Second, John Dorsey and Andy Reid come from the Ron Wolf school of thought where you draft quarterbacks often. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Chiefs draft a quarterback. But to draft one in the early rounds? They just dropped $10 million on Chase Daniel. It just doesn't add up to me, if you assume the Chiefs like Smith, which I think they do.

Third, the Chiefs have too many needs on this team to use a pick on a quarterback early, especially considering they don't have a second round pick. If you're talking about KC using an early pick on a quarterback, it's the first or third round. Those are rounds where you could find starters for other positions.

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