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Tony Gonzalez wondered if he would be traded last season

It's the offseason, Tony Gonzalez is retired and we're still writing about him.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The part that's getting the most attention in ESPN The Magazine's Tony Gonzalez article is where Gonzalez said Matt Ryan is not (yet) an elite QB. He said he's close.

But there's a part in there that is far more interesting to fans across the league, including (and especially) Kansas City Chiefs fans.The story is in ESPN The Magazine and coming online next week but previewed a few parts. Check this one out:

With the Oct. 29 trade deadline approaching, the Falcons were 2-5. Gonzalez met with coach Mike Smith and GM Thomas Dimitroff. He was careful not to ask for a trade, but he made it clear that he would accept one. Gonzalez told Seth later:

"You trade me to a team that needs me, that wants to make a serious run in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. You get something in return for a guy who you know won't be here next year. And the season isn't going anywhere anyway. That's rational."

At the trade deadline, Gonzalez sat at a restaurant with his wife and waited to hear which team it would be. When that call never came, he was not happy."

The Chiefs, by the way, were 8-0 at the trade deadline.

Read this excerpt at Tony G. didn't exactly slam the door shut on returning to the Falcons. Rotoworld said: "We've got a new Favre on our hands."

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