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Here are the Kansas City Chiefs free agent options at WR

The Kansas City Chiefs need to add talent at receiver. Where will that talent come from -- NFL Draft or free agency? We look at the free agent options.

Rob Carr

When talking about the Kansas City Chiefs needs for the 2014 season, wide receiver is going to be near the top. Some say the Chiefs should draft a receiver with the 23rd pick. Others say they should look at the free agent market. I'm in agreement with everyone that the receiver position needs to be improved for the Chiefs to make another leap next season.

But how will the Chiefs improve it? Or will they attempt to improve it at all?

Last season the Chiefs gave Dwayne Bowe a 5-year deal worth $56 million and Donnie Avery a 3-year deal worth $8.5 million. That's a pretty significant investment into one position ... and that investment came just last year. So for those who wonder if the Chiefs will break the bank for someone like Eric Decker or even Jeremy Maclin, I just don't see it happening. Financially it's an issue and considering the Chiefs spent all that money on receivers last season I just don't think it's part of their plan this year to spend tons of money on more receivers.

Even if the Chiefs had lots of cash to spend, the receivers in this year's free agent class aren't all that exciting. Rotoworld published their top 10 receivers scheduled to hit free agency. The list won't include this many good players because some of these guys will be re-signed or franchised by their team.

1. Eric Decker
2. Jeremy Maclin
3. Hakeem Nicks
4. Julian Edelman
5. Golden Tate
6. James Jones
7. Anquan Boldin
8. Andre Roberts
9. Emmanuel Sanders
10. Riley Cooper

No. 10 on this list? Danario Alexander, who the Chiefs declined to pursue a few years ago as he came out of Mizzou with multiple knee injuries.

Go here to see Rotoworld's top 45 receivers scheduled for free agency.

Also interesting about this free agent receiver ranking is that Dexter McCluster comes in at No. 13. Indeed, the Chiefs can pick up the 13th receiver on the market by simply re-signing McCluster. I don't know what the price of that would be -- seems like people are expecting it to be pricier than I think it will be -- but it says a lot that McCluster is the 13th ranked receiver on this list.

I don't know that I had much of a point with this post other than to point out that saying "sign a receiver" is often harder than it sounds. The Chiefs may have a need there but I don't see them reasonably investing more into that position.

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