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NFL Draft 2014: Should Kansas City Chiefs trade up or down?

You're making the decision for the Chiefs on draft day. Are you trading up, down or staying put?


The 2013 NFL season is now over so we look forward to the 2014 NFL Draft. The Kansas City Chiefs have the No. 23 pick in this year's NFL Draft. In the coming months we'll be talking about who the Chiefs should select with that pick, who they should avoid and whether they should trade down or up.

I'm assuming, without a second round pick, most of you aren't advocating for the Chiefs to move up. They don't have much ammunition to move up so it would surely be too expensive and not worth the move.

What about moving back? This seems like a more reasonable strategy for the Chiefs -- if they don't just make the pick at No. 23, which is probably the most likely scenario.

The Chiefs had the 21st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, moved back a few spots to No. 27 and picked up an extra third round pick in the process. That's an enticing scenario (except I hope they pick up a first round pick that doesn't bust).

Also enticing is the idea of moving back and picking up a pair of second round picks or more. The Chiefs don't have a second round pick due to the Alex Smith trade and that round has great value so I could see GM John Dorsey wanting to get into the second round.

I would recommend trading back if possible. The talent difference between the 23rd pick and the 43rd pick is not always that high and if it meant having two second round picks, I would be down to do that. Of course, you need a partner to trade. And you need players you target, too. We don't know any of that yet.

You're making the decision on draft day. Are you trading up, down or staying put?

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