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Super Bowl TV ratings: Chiefs fans come in droves to watch Peyton Manning lose

Kansas City was the highest-rated local market in the 2014 Super Bowl TV ratings.

Jamie Squire

Do we enjoy other people's misery? If they're a member of the rival Denver Broncos, the answer is apparently yes. According to Fox, which broadcast the Denver Broncos-Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl on Sunday, Kansas City had the highest rated market in Super Bowl TV ratings.

Those KC ratings are better than Seattle and Denver, cities who had teams actually playing in the game. The Star reports that Kansas City also led the local markets in TV ratings for the 2004 Super Bowl.

If Kansas City wants a Super Bowl, this is a nice way of showing it.

Meanwhile, the game itself was fifth all-time in the TV rating standings.

And the halftime show of Bruno Mars:

H/T KC Star's Terez Paylor

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