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Another former Kansas City Chiefs TE could retire

Earlier this year we celebrated the career of Tony Gonzalez, who retired after 17 years in the NFL. Another former Chiefs TE is retiring this year after an impressive 41-year run.

John Vawter Collection Diamond Images / 1967

Tony Gonzalez and Fred Arbanas have a little bit in common. Both are former Chiefs tight ends, both are well-liked and both are facing big life changes this year. For Tony G., that's retiring from the NFL. For Arbanas, 75, that's potentially retiring from the Jackson Country Legislator.

Mike Hendricks of the KC Star reports:

After more than 41 years as a county legislator, the former Kansas City Chiefs tight end said he is 98 percent sure that he won't run again due to physical limitations.

He blames the toll on his body that led to the end of his playing career in 1970 after the Chiefs' one and only Super Bowl win. After two hip replacements, shoulder replacement surgery and other repairs, Arbanas finds it difficult to get around these days.

"I still enjoy being a county legislator," he said. "I enjoyed football too, but I had to give that up too when I couldn't run anymore."

Like Tony G., Arbanas is known for his longevity. No one has served longer on the county's governing body, according to the Star. Arbanas has been in the Jackson County Legislator longer than Tony G. has been alive. The last time Arbanas played in the NFL, Tony G. wasn't born yet. Arbanas, who won Super Bowl IV, also has a golf course named after him. I don't know of any Tony Gonzalez golf courses. So, yeah, there are some differences between the two.

Another notable item from Arbanas's career that I found while reading up on him: He had a full-time job while playing for the Chiefs. This was common back in the day. Crazy to think about today.

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