NFL Draft: A case for Jared Abbrederis and the Kansas City Chiefs

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Much talk around here lately have been about the Chiefs' more glaring needs, one of which has been another reliable wide receiver next to Dwayne Bowe. Matt Verderame brought up an intriguing talent in Emmanuel Sanders who would be a viable fit, but I worry his price tag is too high for the Chiefs to sign. There also has been recent discussions about the Philadelphia Eagles working on an extension with Jeremy Maclin who has publicly stated his desire to return. Although there are a bounty of free agent wide receivers out there, it appears that most choices fall into two categories; the Chiefs cannot afford the player or the Chiefs will use sparse cap space on an underwhelming receiver who may or may not be a better option than Junior Hemingway as the season progresses.

To clarify, I don't think the team's biggest need is wide receiver. Alex Smith and the offense looked, dare I say, fantastic in the second half of the season and having Jamaal Charles coming out of the backfield mitigates a need for a stacked receiver corp like that of 43-8. They also are getting Travis Kelce and possibly Kyle Williams back along with Hemingway, Fasano, Avery, and AJ Jenkins as solid options on offense. However Jared Abbrederis, the wide receiver from Wisconsin just looks too tantalizing of a prospect and too great of a fit to pass up in the 2014 NFL Draft. Here are several reasons why I think he can thrive on this team.

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1) Great Route Running

Jared Abbrederis has been synonymous with the title "one of if not the best route runner in college football" in college football broadcasts, and deservedly so. He's the guy who people ask how he is so open every single time. His uncanny ability to turn his defenders around in space is one of his biggest strengths and is an encouraging sign for his successful transition to the NFL. He has a variety of moves to get open whether it is to find the soft spot in coverage or to go deep. The most impressing part about it is that he doesn't break stride or rhythm to do so, which I think is of utmost importance especially with our franchise signal caller Alex Smith.

2) Great Hands

Whether Stave threw for a screen pass, wheel route, deep ball, curl, out, or crossing routes Abbrederis was great at getting two hands on the ball and holding on to it. This is something most if not all Chiefs receiving options struggle with and it would be an instant upgrade for Alex Smith to have a reliable go to target. His other reiterated tagline in broadcast was "one of the best hands in college football" and it has much merit.

3) Versatility on offense and special teams

Abbrederis is a true offensive weapon (sorry Dexter McCluster) who consistently excelled in the screen game, end arounds, intermediate routes, and deep routes. He was a guy who Wisconsin lined up both near the sidelines and in the slot every game. His full range of offensive capabilities only enhances his ability to lose his defenders and get open. He also was a kick returner and punt returner in his 4 year career with the Badgers so there is a possibility he can return a punt or a kick once a game. I believe he would be a great fit in Andy Reid's offense and would be moved around a lot throughout the game.

4) Toughness and his ability to block

Whether it was a necessity in year 1 or a staple in the offense for years to come, Chiefs wide receivers in the west coast offense were often asked to block more than most teams in the league. Jared Abbrederis has shown that he is one of the most consistent and grittiest blocking WRs coming out of college and when you watch his game tapes you see how effective he is. There are videos vs Pen State and Illinois on Youtube if you are intrigued enough to watch through. He also is a tough son of a gun and the best way to describe it is by comparing him to a player like Eric Decker. Abbrederis plays through contact and doesn't let grabs and pulls affect his routes. Decker is a very soft receiver and is easily thrown off his timing and routes. Abbrederis' toughness mirrors Decker's weakness and criability.

5) Consistency and Production

Despite Stave's incompetence as the QB and lack of talent in the WR group, Abberederis managed to put together very impressive numbers. There were at least three times that I know of in which Abbrederis had nobody near him for a 40+ touchdown and Stave completely botched the throw.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Abbrederis is the most well rounded wide receiver prospect when you factor in all the nuances of being a pro such as footwork, the ability to locate the ball, composure, intelligence, and balance. He fits what Andy Reid likes to do as a play caller and who Alex Smith is as a QB. I believe there is a chance that he could fall to the Chiefs in the third round but I hope Chiefs can trade down in the first round to acquire a late 2nd round or early 3rd round pick to get this guy. I have a feeling Denver with the possible loss of Decker and Seattle with the chemistry between former Badger QB Russell Wilson and Abbrederis may pick him in the 2nd round. I also think Brandin Cooks would be a good player to draft but his fantastic production and skillset will push him out of Dorsey's reach. I definitely would not be opposed to drafting Dri Archer if Abbrederis is gone. Here is a highlight video that displays all of his strengths. Hope you enjoy it and state which WR you think Chiefs should acquire if any. (You may need to watch it on Youtube).

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