Franchise tag Branden Albert again?

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Yes, this is an unlikely event (but I was bored). With the ability to use the franchise tag less than one week from now (February 17), it is time to discuss who to tag.

Of the impending free agents, Branden Albert may be the only player worthy of the associated price tag even with the 120 percent raise a player receives being tagged in consecutive seasons. Do I think Albert deserves to be paid the $11M+ that franchising him would entail? An emphatic no.

However seeing a player of his caliber simply walk away without the team getting any reasonable compensation should be avoided if possible. And, as you remember last offseason, general manager John Dorsey was reportedly shopping Albert. A compensatory pick in the 2015 draft would certainly come from Albert signing with a new team this offseason but the best case scenario is the Chiefs would be awarded a pick at the end of the third round in 2015.

Tagging Albert would add the price tag to the salary cap immediately and upon Branden signing the franchise tag the Chiefs would be locked into that enormous salary.

The only logic in giving Albert the franchise designation is to later trade the offensive tackle. Last season the Chiefs were linked with the Dolphins and only the Dolphins in a trade for Albert's services. However, this go round there are more potential trade partners making the deal more likely. I still do not envision the Chiefs receiving a first round pick in compensation, which is certainly warranted, but a second round pick is not out of the question. Teams like the Cardinals, Raiders, Panthers, Vikings, Titans, or again the Dolphins may determine that No. 76 is worth the trading their pick in addition to being able to afford the contract he is demanding. The Steelers, Giants, Falcons, Seahawks, andTexans may want Albert's services but lack the required funding.

I do not think this is going to happen but it is speculation season and I have nothing better to do. I would like to see this happen for the team's greater good. Seeing the huge cap number appear against the salary cap right now would be discouraging because it could potentially hinder the free agent signing ability come March 11th because also on that day the Chiefs and every team is required to be below the salary cap. Who knows, maybe Branden will surprise us all and come down to Earth a bit in his negotiations.

Hate this idea because it possibly locks the Chiefs into over-paying Albert for another season? Don't like the idea of Eric Fisher being on the right side again? Let me hear it. No matter what, keep making Sundays at Arrowhead one of the most delicious smelling places on earth.

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