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Are the KC Chiefs a future dominant defense or explosive offense?

The Kansas City Chiefs showed flashes of being excellent on both offense and defense last season. But just flashes.

Stephen Dunn

If you look at the talent on the Chiefs and where they're spending their money, you'd say the Chiefs are building a dominant defense. With multiple first round picks and big contracts on that side of the ball, the Chiefs defense was the story of the first half of the 2013 season. But by the end of the season, it was the Chiefs offense whose light was shining the brightest. Say what you want about Alex Smith's game but the Chiefs flat-out scored points in the second half of the season. 38, 28, 45, 44 points ... they had a lot of big games.

You look at that season and you hope that the second half offensive improvement will carry over to next season while simultaneously hoping only the first half defensive efforts carry over. (I tend to think that season-to-season momentum probably doesn't exist very much but one can dream.)

Alex Smith played in a golf tournament with the 49ers last week raising money for a good cause and the KC Star has a report on what Alex had to say. Definitely read the entire piece. This part stuck out at me:

"It was our first year in the offense, we didn't turn the ball over, we were opportunistic in the red zone, but yes we didn't really have the entire playbook at hand, and that's to be expected in the first year with a lot of new faces."

Alex goes on to say that they improved in the second half of the season as they got more comfortable with each other. And you would think they would be even better in 2014.

As noted above, when I look at the Chiefs and how they're built, I think to myself that this should be a dominant defense. But we have a pretty big sample size that suggests next year the more dominant side of the ball will be the offense.

So my questions are these: Are the Chiefs a future dominant defense? Or a future explosive offense?

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