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NFL playoff picture: Kansas City Chiefs fans should be rooting for these teams in Week 14

You're hoping the Chiefs make the playoffs? Here's who you should be rooting for.

The latest set of predictions are out from FiveThirtyEight for NFL's Week 14, and we've got the full rundown of who you should root for this weekend (assuming that you're a fan of the Chiefs). The entire weekly column, which AP reader John Dixon has been sharing each week, is a good read. Note the part about how the Chargers have the hardest road left in the regular season.

Chiefs fans are rooting for the Jaguars to beat the Texans, Patriots to beat the Chargers, Colts to beat the Browns and Broncos to beat the Bills.


When it comest to the Chiefs' chances of making the playoffs, the biggest swing in percentage is obviously in the team's own game against the Cardinals. From there, some minimal gains are made in some other AFC contests:

  • If the Jags can turn last week's win over the Giants into an actual streak with another victory against the Texans, Houston essentially falls completely out of playoff contention. The Texans have a 9.9 percent chance of making the playoffs at this point.
  • The same fate awaits the Browns if they lose to the Colts, since they have very similar chances of making the playoffs as the Texans. The Browns are currently at 10.7 percent, and a loss to Colts will sink that ship.
  • One more team clinging to very slim hopes of making the postseason is Buffalo, so the expected loss against the Broncos will push the Bills down in the AFC slate.
  • You don't need a chart to tell you to root for the Patriots, since it's always nice to see the Chargers lose no matter what's at stake. The Chargers have a 36.1 percent chance of making the playoffs heading into Week 14.
  • The Ravens play the Dolphins but the Chiefs will hold a tiebreaker over both of them if it comes down to it so I don't believe it matters who wins that game.
  • The Chiefs will want the Bengals to beat the Steelers although there's much to be decided there with Kansas City visiting Pittsburgh in Week 16.

Have any more playoff questions? Use ESPN's playoff machine to answer them.

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