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John Dorsey says Chiefs have work to do at WR, Alex Smith needs more pieces, o-line did 'admirable' job

Chiefs GM John Dorsey talks about the receivers going all year without a touchdown, adding more weapons around Alex Smith and the admirable job of the offensive line.

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The first question to Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Monday was about -- what else -- the wide receivers. The Chiefs hold the incredible stat of going the entire season without a receiver catching a touchdown pass, the first time in more than 60 years that's happened.

You never quite get a clear answer from coaches and GMs but this is about as close as you'll get to Dorsey admitting things didn't go right, and they have to get better at receiver.

"At the time, we thought we had some players that could help us," Dorsey said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "But then as you go into the free agency process, you missed on a couple of guys. And then as the draft unfolded there were certain guys that you had pegged in certain situations that they may have peeled off a step or two before you so then you still have got to go with the best player and we kind of stayed true to that. But as we move forward, we are always still trying to see if we can fit a piece in here or fit a piece in there. I think that the stats speak for themselves and we're going to have to do some work there."

"I think that the stats speak for themselves and we're going to have to do some work there." -John Dorsey

That last line says it. You can't go a season without a touchdown pass to a receiver and not acknowledge that there is serious work to be done there. To give Dorsey credit, he knew this last year. That's why they went after Emmanuel Sanders. They just didn't get it done.

Dorsey also confirmed that Alex Smith is their guy, as his big contract extension would suggest.

"We have to put some more pieces around him," Dorsey said of Smith. "I think he's lived up to what he thought he would be."

Meanwhile, Dorsey had a different take on another area that struggled at times last year -- the offensive line. He said that the line did an admirable job for what they had.

"What those guys were asked to do this year," Dorsey said, "I thought they did an admirable job. I thought they stepped up for what you had to do and what you asked those guys to step in there and do what they did, I think they did a very nice job. I mean, (Eric) Fisher's over there, as you look at Fish, he didn't have an offseason this year. He was doing rehabilitation with his shoulder. I think he grew exponentially as the year went on. He'll need a whole year of strength and conditioning to get bigger and stronger, but I'm happy with where he's projected he should be. The other guys, to ask them what they did, they fought, they battled their butts off and that's all you can ask for."

That's a fair take given the injuries they had as well as Donald Stephenson's suspension. Dorsey said that he does not think the Chiefs miscalculated the offensive line entering the season.

On Fisher, I remember his offseason shoulder surgery was the big concern with him. The thing he needed to do the most was get stronger and put on weight but his shoulder injury prevented him from doing that for part of the offseason. Pro Football Focus agrees with Dorsey's assessment that Fisher got better as the season went on. His grades in the second half of the season were much better than the first. This year you hope he's healthy and has a full offseason.

Interesting and different reactions from the Chiefs GM on the receivers and offensive line, which fans believe are priorities heading into the offseason.

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