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Justin Houston to Chiefs after game: 'I'd trade all this in for a spot in the playoffs'

Kansas City Chiefs LB Justin Houston just finished up the second greatest pass rushing season in NFL history when he recorded four sacks on Sunday to put his total at 22 sacks on the season. That is just a half sack shy of Michael Strahan's NFL record. I'm still having trouble sitting here putting into perspective how special his season was.

Houston, though, wants to win. The Chiefs did that on Sunday thanks to Houston's four sacks but they did not make the playoffs. In the locker room after the game, Houston told his teammates that he would trade all of that in for a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

Watch the Chiefs locker room celebration here.

A few minutes after this video he spoke to the media about passing Derrick Thomas to become the new single season sacks leader in franchise leader. Typical Houston, he focused on the team.

"It hasn't hit me yet," Houston said of his record. "I'm still disappointed we're not going to the playoffs. I think that hurt more than anything. It's a team game, it will mean a lot one day, but today I'm more disappointed we're going home next week instead of playing for the big thing. Like I said, it hasn't set in on me yet. I'm still heartbroken. We worked hard and I know this was a good team, I feel like every game we lost, we gave it away, we weren't just beat. When you look back on a season like that and think about the games you should have won and are supposed to win, I think it hurt more than anything."

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