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Kansas City Chiefs could need Tyler Thigpen's help to make the NFL playoffs

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With Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel hurt, the Browns turn to Tyler Thigpen.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

My how the tables have turned.

The Kansas City Chiefs need three things to happen in order to make the playoffs: 1.) Beat the San Diego Chargers 2.) Baltimore Ravens loss to Cleveland Browns and 3.) Houston Texans loss to Jacksonville Jaguars.

The odds are against the Ravens and Texans losing but it's the Baltimore game that has a little more Kansas City intrigue. That's because of this:

Thigpen was of course the Chiefs quarterback from 2007-09, most notably during that magical 2008 season. You laugh because the Chiefs won two games that year but for a two-win team they were kind of fun to watch (in a "You know you're horrible" sort of way).

So if Thigpen is going to play on Sunday, the Chiefs playoff hopes could rest on his shoulders. Funny how things work out (actually, not that funny).