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Andy Reid was confident in Chiefs on 4th and inches call that failed

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid's confidence was not rewarded. The Kansas City Chiefs coach made the decision to go for it on fourth and inches and it cost him.

After a De'Anthony Thomas first down was overturned and ruled a fourth and inches, Reid decided to go for it with 27 seconds left in the first half and the Chiefs on the Pittsburgh Steelers 12-yard line. The decision came down to taking the easy three points or going for it and hope you get into the end zone.

The Chiefs went for it but Jamaal Charles was stuffed by Lawrence Timmons. No good. Steelers take over.

"I felt like we had a lot on the game plan sheet there to take advantage of the red zone," Reid said after the game. "We had a pretty good beat on what they were doing at that point. We had been down there and seen how they were operating. I figured we could get inches. It wasn't even a yard. It was about the length of the ball if that. I thought we had a nice short yardage play right there. I felt very good about it and we didn't get it.

Given that the Steelers are one of the best offensive teams in the NFL, going for it and scoring as many points as you can was, in my non-expert opinion, the correct call. The play call just didn't happen to work. (This is why you run the FB dive in Madden -- the shortest possible path to the first down.)

"Hindsight, you'd say we probably should've kicked it," Reid said.

Now it looks like the right decision was to kick the field goal. The Chiefs were driving later in the game and instead of it being a one-score game, it was a two-score game. So those three points did potentially cost the Chiefs down the road.

"You want as many points as you can get," Reid said. "You want to stay aggressive. That's what we do. You've got that type of distance right there, you go get it. There's a certain mindset we've been working with the whole season, training camp included. You're put in that situation, strap it on and let's go get the thing."

It's Game Time.

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