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NFL playoff picture: What Kansas City Chiefs need to happen in Week 17

Here's who Kansas City Chiefs fans should be rooting for in the NFL playoff picture.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs playoff chances obviously took a hit with their loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only did it move the Chiefs to 8-7 on the season, it also sent the Steelers to the playoffs, which means there's one less spot available for the Chiefs.

CBS had the Chiefs playoff picture entering Sunday's game in Pittsburgh as this. Based on that, here's who Chiefs fans are rooting for in Week 17. You can test your own scenarios with ESPN's playoff machine.

Chiefs to beat Chargers

Duh. Every game that matters for the Chiefs will be at 12 p.m., the same time they're hosting the Chargers.

Browns to beat Ravens

The Chiefs needed Baltimore to lose each of its last two games. They did step one, losing 25-13 to the Case Keenum-led Texans. Case Keenum! Some weird stuff going on already.

Jaguars to beat Texans

The nightmare I have is that everything lines up perfectly for the Chiefs. And then JJ Watt goes JJ Watt, passes Justin Houston and claims the sack title while leading the Texans to a victory. Come on, Jacksonville!

Bills must lose once ... Mission accomplished, thanks Oakland!

As I type this, the Raiders are beating the Bills. Buffalo will visit New England in Week 17 if they pull it out in the Black Hole.

All that happens ... and the Chiefs are IN.

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