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NFL power ranking the 7-5 teams in the AFC Wild Card race, including the Kansas City Chiefs

Your NFL power rankings for the six 7-5 teams in the AFC.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a different look at this week's NFL power rankings. Instead of the usual rankings -- you can find SB Nation's Week 14 NFL power rankings here -- I am going to rank the six 7-5 teams in the AFC. That there are six 7-5 teams shows you how competitive the AFC Wild Card will be.

This is a Chiefs blog so *homer alert* but I truly do believe there is an argument the Chiefs are the best among these 7-5 teams. (This is where some Chiefs fans point out they can't beat anyone if they can't beat Oakland, and I point out by that same logic the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL because they beat New England.)

You can make an argument for Baltimore or Miami or Pittsburgh but it's close enough that several teams are in the conversation, along with the Chiefs. So here's how my 7-5 team ranking turned out with my aforementioned homer alert:

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Baltimore Ravens

3. Miami Dolphins

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Buffalo Bills

6. Cleveland Browns

The Chiefs do have the best playoff odds among these teams, according to ESPN's graphic below. Dating back to 1990, 7-5 teams make the playoffs 56 percent of the time. Obviously that won't be the case for all 7-5 teams this year but it could be for Kansas City.

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