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Chiefs special teams coach explains Dustin Colquitt faking the fake punt

So what happened with that fake punt that wasn't?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So about that whole fake / non-fake punt from Dustin Colquitt last week ...

After the Chiefs beat the Raiders, Colquitt was asked about what in the heck that play was (watch it here) and said he couldn't really talk about it because it was a trick play.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said in his postgame press conference that Colquitt was "faking the fake".

I still didn't know what happened. Luckily, Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub was there on Thursday to clear some of it up when he was asked about it. Turns out, he really wasn't faking the fake as Reid said.

"Without getting into the details," Toub said via quotes from the Chiefs, "I don't want to tell you exactly what we are trying to do there, but it was a look. We felt we had a look, not everybody felt like we had the look. It was one of those deals. Obviously Dustin thought we had the look, comes up knowing."

My first reaction was that someone audibled to a fake punt or there was some sort of other indication that they would fake it based on how the Raiders lined up. Colquitt saw it, others didn't. Toub did mention that Colquitt is a veteran and sees those things.

The Chiefs have been burned twice by fake punts -- once against San Francisco way back in Week 5 and one just a couple of weeks against Denver at Arrowhead. The Chiefs special teams have been good this year but those were both game changing fakes. Maybe next time the Chiefs can be the ones putting the dagger in with a fake punt.

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