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Where do Chiefs rank among AFC playoff contenders?

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Marshall Faulk says: It's getting WILD! Five teams. Two playoff spots. To be Professional Grade you need to perform at the highest level. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Kansas City, San Diego and Buffalo: Are you a legit championship contender? Build your case. Why do you deserve one of the last two spots?

The Chiefs deserve a spot because of how they have played against the NFL's beat teams. Take a look at SB Nation's most recent NFL power rankings and you will see this list: 1.) Patriots 2.) Seahawks 3.) Broncos 4.) Cardinals.

The Chiefs beat No. 1 and No. 2 on that list. They had the ball late in the fourth quarter with a chance to tie No. 3 on the list. And then they lost to No. 4 on the list by just a field goal on a really bad call.

Yes, the Chiefs also lost to No. 31 Oakland and No. 32 Tennessee. But the Steelers also lost to the No. 27 Tampa Bay and No. 28 New York. The Chiefs already beat the Bills and Chargers, with another shot at San Diego coming in Week 17.

There are reasons the Chiefs are not contenders. I'm not denying that. But their body of work is competitive with the teams Faulk listed.

The Ravens, on the other hand, look like a strong candidate with no really bad losses.

How would you rank these five teams: Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, Chargers and Bills?

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