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Kansas City Chiefs are 'dogs in must-win game vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Chiefs are 3.5-point underdogs vs. the Steelers.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are underdogs when they visit Pittsburgh next week to play the Steelers. Several oddsmakers have posted the line for the Chiefs-Raiders game at 3.5 points in favor of Pittsburgh.

That's maybe even smaller than I thought it would be because this game seems like such a bad matchup for the Chiefs. The Steelers can run the ball very well which the Chiefs have trouble stopping, and they can also take the top off the defense with Antonio Brown.

The Chiefs seem to keep most games close. They'll occasionally put up bad performances (like Tennessee or Oakland this year) but they don't really get blown out by a lot. I would expect Pittsburgh to be another close game.

The Chiefs game in Pittsburgh is indeed a must-win. While there are scenarios where the Chiefs could lose to Pittsburgh and still get into the playoffs, they would need a lot of help. The Chiefs path to the playoffs is winning their final two games so it's a must-win.

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