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Chiefs' Tamba Hali fined $16k for hit on Cardinals' Drew Stanton

Let's take another look at this questionable call.

It didn't seem worthy of a 15-yard penalty and it doesn't seem worthy of a big fine but KC Chiefs LB Tamba Hali has been fined over $16,000 for his hit on Drew Stanton in the Chiefs loss to the Cardinals last week.

The league is trying to protect the quarterbacks vulnerable legs so I get it. But when you compare a fine like this to the shot Alex Smith took from Von Miller two weeks ago -- no fine on that play -- it doesn't seem completely fair. Maybe I'm just biased on this one though.

Tamba was trying to pass the tackle and started falling to the ground early in the play....

... and it appeared he fell into the quarterback. I'm not sure he had an opportunity to go anywhere else.

Meanwhile, you can find Andy Reid's reaction here.

It's Game Time.

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