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Chiefs biggest problem right now is the offensive line, according to poll results

What is the Chiefs biggest problem right now? Glad you asked!

We ran a poll earlier this week asking what the Kansas City Chiefs biggest problem was. I thought the results would be fairly evenly split between all the options but obviously I was wrong.

Nearly 4,000 votes in and we have a winner. Or a loser. The Chiefs offensive line is the biggest problem right now, according to the poll results.

This is the order that it comes out to, with a surprising name with the least amount of votes: Alex Smith. I say that's surprising because honestly I expected it to be higher. Whether it's right or wrong, the quarterback seems to get the most amount of blame or credit for a team's success.

The Chiefs can't do much about the offensive line right now. Andy Reid can scheme around it with shorter passes but the Chiefs are already doing that.

Next year the Chiefs will have Jeff Allen back and you hope Donald Stephenson is back to the way it was in 2013. Those are two players that could help the Chiefs get better next season before you even get into the draft or free agency, where the Chiefs will need to be active.

It's Game Time.

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