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Kansas City Chiefs starting to fall apart like last year ... will they respond?

The 2014 Chiefs have started to stumble in the second half of the season like the 2013 Chiefs did. Why is that?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are starting to crumble after losing two straight games. We don't know how the rest of the season will play out but I do fear that we are at the beginning of a similar second half stumble that we saw with last year's Chiefs team.

Last year's Chiefs team started 9-0 before dropping three straight games starting in Week 11. It was the pass defense that opponents exploited as the Chiefs finished the season losing five of their final seven games.

This year's Chiefs team had won five straight games before hitting the wall in Week 12. The Chiefs lost to the Raiders that week and then this week they lost to the Broncos. This year it's not the pass defense that has been the problem; it's the run defense. The offense is as up and down this year as it was last year (but still a better offense this year, if you ask me).

The question I want to know is: Why? Why do the Chiefs play well in the first half of the season only to fall apart in the second? Why do opponents seem to figure the Chiefs out at about this time of year? Why can't the Chiefs seem to fix some of their problems?

If I knew the answer to any of those questions I would probably be getting a bigger paycheck and sitting in the Chiefs coaching room. Alas, they don't allow bloggers in there.

So let's hear your theory: Why do the Chiefs stumble in the second half of the season? And how will this season finish out?

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