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Here's what Clark Hunt said 3 years ago about a Chiefs game in London

Let's revisit what Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said a few years ago about a Chiefs game in London.

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Way back in 2012 we ran a poll asking Kansas City Chiefs fans how they would feel about playing a road game in London. I specified "road game" and not "home game" because I already knew how Chiefs fans would feel about a home game in London -- they would hate it.

The Chiefs today announced plans to give up a home game and play the Detroit Lions in London next year. The reaction from Chiefs fans not in London has been predictable -- they don't like it.

When I was looking at our old story on a possible London game I came across a few quotes Clark Hunt gave to the Kansas City Star in 2011.

Clark Hunt in 2011 on a London game

''It's something we may be interested in. It's something we would be open to. I definitely can't sit here and say that we've made the decision that it would be good for us. There are a lot of things that go into that decision. It's something we would want to discuss with the community. We understand that taking a home game away from the market affects people. We would want to make sure there would be support for it.''

Clark Hunt in 2011 on losing a home game

''That's something that weighs very much in my mind. 'We have a tremendous home-field advantage at Arrowhead. That would be one of the main considerations.''

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