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Join the Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league for Week 10

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Last week's Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league was successful for this guy:

That's your winner right there. Unfortunately your fearless leader didn't get the points he needed to win. I'm going to blame that on the players. The coaching was clearly just fine from my team.

If you did not join last week's Fanduel league for Arrowhead Pride users, you can join this week. It's a $5 entry fee and there are cash prizes for the top winners. Click here to join the game and play in our Fanduel league.

You are given a $60,000 salary cap and must fill out a roster, which is where the strategy comes in. The players are priced based on their fantasy projections so the best players are the most expensive. Basically, you're going to have to hit it big on a couple of players that few others are picking. I will note that in our league, which is for Chiefs fans, Travis Kelce was a very popular pickup.

Again, click here to play the game with us this week.

Below is a graphic of how much folks spent on average on each position last week across all of Fanduel.

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