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NFL power rankings 2014: Chiefs ahead of the Broncos according to Denver Post

These 2014 NFL power rankings are better than the others.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, power rankings are pointless. No, I don't care, especially not when the Kansas City Chiefs are ranked ahead of the Denver Broncos.

Indeed, the Denver Post's 2014 NFL power rankings for Week 10 have the Chiefs as the No. 2 team in the AFC, behind only the New England Patriots. The Broncos are at No. 3, which means the Denver Post has the Chiefs ranked ahead of the Broncos in their power rankings. Let that sink in for a minute.

This feels like an overreaction to the Broncos loss to the Patriots last Sunday. Denver and New England are in my eyes the two teams with the best shot to make a Super Bowl run from the AFC. The Chiefs, though, aren't that far behind. Sure, I'd probably put the Colts or even perhaps the Steelers ahead of the Chiefs in the AFC but Kansas City is absolutely in the argument for the AFC's third best team after they have rattled off five wins in their last six games. It doesn't hurt that one of those wins was a thrashing of the same Patriots team that just handed one to the Broncos.

The Chiefs sit a game behind the Broncos in the AFC West with their Week 13 showdown looming. If the Chiefs can two of their next three games (or more), that Sunday Night Football game against the Broncos will be H-U-G-E. What makes that matchup potentially more important than last year's game is that the Chiefs are fighting for a playoff spot. This isn't like last year where the Chiefs started 9-0 and basically clinched a playoff spot in October.

However, the AFC shakes out, let's appreciate this moment where the Chiefs are ranked ahead of the great Broncos ... by the reporters who know the Broncos best.

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