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Andy Reid talked about the time Dontari Poe chased down Michael Vick

Dontari Poe is the man, part 1,453.


Kansas City Chiefs announcer Mitch Holthus hosted the Chiefs Kingdom Show on 810 WHB on Monday night which featured an interview with head coach Andy Reid. Holthus pays attention to the fans so he knew there was one burning question we all wanted to know: When will Dontari Poe get the ball in a goal line situation?

"It's coming, it's coming," Chiefs coach Andy Reid joked on the Monday night show.

Poe as you know lined up at fullback for two consecutive plays last Sunday. It's not the first time the Chiefs have featured "Poe Heavy" as it's been called. I don't know if Reid was serious or not about giving him the ball -- he said "Let's not get carried away here" when asked about running a sprint option with Poe -- but it's gotta be coming soon, right? It has to be.

The reason Poe is even an option at fullback is because he's so dang athletic. At 330 or 340 pounds (the lack of barbecue has done a number on him), Poe moves around like no man his size should. He's a dancing bear as Mike Mayock likes to call him.

That athleticism was on full display when Poe chased Michael Vick down and beat him to the sideline on one play last weekend. Watch the play here (H/T @SullyFootball):

Here is Andy Reid's response to that play:

"You're watching a great athlete in Michael [Vick]," Reid said. "I love watching him play when he's not playing against us. Dontari Poe is something. He's something special. He can run, he can jump. You see us using him as a fullback. He can kind of do everything. He's that kind of a player. you've seen that year after year here since he's been in the league where he chases down screens and then you saw him do it with Michael Vick. Michael hasn't slowed down an inch here so that was quite an accomplishment."

It's OK to get a little carried away.

It's Game Time.

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